Friendship 2016: Russia-Pakistan tactical exercise

Newsroom24x7 Staff

A Russian soldier (representative image)
A Russian soldier (representative image)

Moscow: When European Union, along with India, are considering the option of imposing sanctions against Pakistan following the terrorist attack on a military base at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir and coinciding with the Joint military exercise with India in Vladivostok, the Southern MD servicemen from Russia are now in Pakistan for the Russian-Pakistani tactical exercise “Friendship-2016 for the first time. These training activities that began on September 23 will continue till October 10 on the territory of Pakistan in the mountainous region.

The exercise will be held for the first time and will be participated by over 200 servicemen.

The military servicemen will exchange experiences and practice interaction while performing combat training tasks in the mountains, in particular, during fighting against conventional illegal armed groups.

Counter-terrorism is the theme of India-Russia joint military exercise now on in the maritime region near Vladivostok in Russia whereas, more significantly, the goal of the joint military exercise between Russia and Pakistan is aimed at strengthening and developing military cooperation between Russia and Pakistan. This at a time when many world leaders have started talking of declaring Pakistan a terrorist State.


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