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UAE all set for the biggest clean up campaign

Shaily Kalra

Clean up UAEDubai:  UAE is ready for a 10-day journey of a different kind – it will be a clean up campaign, starting sixth of December.

The UAE clean up campaign was started by EEG ( Emirates Environmental Group, a non governmental organization) in 2002 with 4,500 volunteers.

This initiative, laid down by Habiba Al Marashi, the chairwoman of EEG, has grown in leaps and bounds over the years . This year it’s 15th annual clean up project will be starting on 6 December and running till 16 December 16. The theme this year will be ” A United Cause For A Cleaner UAE”.

The EEG group members have continued to work for this cause for more than a decade. Last year, 68 per cent volunteers were spotted  from corporate sectors, 19 per cent from schools and 13 per cent represented families across UAE. This year, more than 130,000 volunteers across UAE will join the cleanup campaign with just one goal in mind — to clean the UAE from scratch.

People will be seen carrying a large white garbage bag and picking up litter from every nook and corner of all cities. The litter collected would mostly contain plastic bags, aluminium cans, plastic bottles, paper and much more. The waste would pile up into a mountain but out of 27.5 metric tonnes that would be collected only 12 percent would get recycled, as pointed out by Marashi. She said, our public spaces are there to enjoy and by educating people of UAE and with government support the littering habit can be reduced.

Photos courtesy EEG website

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