KHDA – The mobile app for a healthy relationship between schools and parents

Shaily Kalra

Some people think that KHDA stands for Knowledge and Human Development Authority, but those who know us understand that we’re actually the Knowledge and Happiness Development Authority. – KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority)

khdaDubai: KHDA (knowledge and Human Development Authority) of Middle East is making a major headway in the field of education by introducing the KHDA mobile app.

The main purpose of KHDA mobile app is to build a healthy and happy relationship between school and parents. Through this contract, the app will save the parent’s time and energy, said Amal Bel Hasa, chief of Compliance and Resolution Commission, KHDA. The app will benefit parents as it will give the parents the right platform to track their child’s progress with personalised information.

For accessing this app, the parents will have to sign the contract. The contract between the school and parents is mandatory and it can be signed even while sitting at home. This app will keep the parents and the students of all schools of UAE updated in terms of school assessment, tuition fees, anti-bullying steps and policies related with schools.

According to KHDA it will not take more than 20 minutes to read and sign the contract. The deadline for signing the contract by parents is September 30. If parents are not able to do so by this time, they will have to contact the school registrar.

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