Forces loyal to government crush a coup attempt in Turkey

Newsroom24x7 Desk

People take to the streets to oppose the rebellionAnkara: Troops committed to the government in Turkey, a major US ally in the Middle-East,  have crushed a coup attempt by  plotters in the armed forces who used tanks and helicopters to seize power last night.

The failed coup left in its wake death and destruction of property here and in Istanbul where tanks bulldozed vehicles and helicopters strafed the Intelligence headquarters.

A huge response to the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s call to the people to take to the streets to oppose the uprising that went viral through smartphones delivered positive results.

A Turkish minister said some military commanders were still being held hostage by the rebel troops. The government in the meanwhile declared that the situation is under control.  The official version is that 161 people have been killed and 2,839 rounded up, including those who were at the helm of the rebellion.

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