Dubai to take a major stride in the sphere of education

Shaily Kalra

3 D TechnolgyDubai: Dubai being the most fascinating city of UAE, is soon going to take a lead in the education spehere as American University has announced the opening of its innovation and Entrepreneurship centre (IEC) in Dubai.

In entire Middle East, this University will be different and unique, as it will be providing the students with latest technology of 3-D printers, MAC Laboratories and also with the latest cinema software as that of Maxon 4-D training course.

The training in Maxon 4-D course will be given to students in order to provide them a deep knowledge of 3-D visualisation and in creating animations in such a way so that they can think and create something new and innovative.

This level of course will be beneficial for all students but will be of great advantage to students who are inclined to pursue a career in the field of Arts and Design, and also those who are interested in Mass Communication.

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