EU referendum: The vote could only go the wrong way

Newsroom24x7 exclusive from Paris


Jamsheed Rizwani, a banker in Paris, who has watched closely the developments on the other side of the English Channel that separates southern England from northern France told Newsroom24x7 in an interview on Friday night that he is terribly disappointed and so are many of his friends in the UK by the Leave EU vote.

Rizwani, said in a late night interview: “Yes, I believe, like most rational Europeans in an united Europe that the best option is to turn our backs to years of bloody wars and hatred. The Franco-German partnership at the chore of Europe has helped in uniting all the countries in the continent.

A referendum is a tricky tool, Rizwani said adding in the context of the influx of refugees into the UE and the already existent ultra right racist UKIP and consorts the vote could only go the wrong way.

It is all a question of timing, Rizwani pointed out stating that the refugee problem made the daily headlines in all the British tabloids. And the British press largely called for the BREXIT.

The left, according to the Paris banker, was unable to mobilize more as there is a lack of leadership in the Labour Party currently.

On being asked about the possibility of further isolation of Britain in terms of Ireland and Scotland and what will be left of great Britain now, Rizwani said that the exit procedure is lengthy and that he would like to be optimistic. But he also went on to underscore that Uk will no longer be UK but only England and Wales.

Speaking further on British economy and how people were reacting to the referendum in France, Rizwani said: “Let’s wait for the markets to speak. I can only see the UK economy going but it is not good for Europe even in the short term. but Europe will ultimately benefit.

“People here are shell-shocked. I am just listening to the Scottish Premier, she’s has just said the Scottish Parliament will convene a referendum to join the EU by quitting the UK.”

When his attention was drawn to the immigrant population in UK and asked what will be the impact of a downward economy especially on this section of population and also everyone else in the UK, Rizwani said that he has not analyzed the immigrant vote as yet but quite a few of them have voted with the BREXIT as they fear for their jobs particularly in the working class areas. The central banks will intervene to prevent a huge dive. The Bank of England governor has given reassurances that it is prepared to face any difficulty. A bit of volatitily in the currency market in the short term is not ruled out but it will find its level…..Like I said I want to be optiimistic….. So much needs to be done.

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