ISRO launches PSLV-C34 with record 20 satellites

Newsroom24x7 Staff

PSLV-C34 GalleryIndian Space Research Organization (ISRO) today successfully launch PSLV-C34, carrying a record 20 satellites in a single mission including the Cartosat-2 series satellite and 19 co-passenger satellites.

In a Congratulatory message to A.S. Kiran Kumar, Chairman of ISRO, President of India Pranab Mukherjee congratulated has said, “My heartiest congratulations to you and your entire team at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the successful launch of PSLV-C34.

Mukherjee further said, the images received from the Cartosat-2 satellite will be useful in providing scene-specific spot imagery that can be used for detailed mapping and other cartographic applications as well as applications in Land Information System (LIS) and Geographical Information System (GIS). The nation is proud of this achievement which has demonstrated, yet again, India’s increasing space capabilities.
Latest update :

Orbit Determination results from fourth LAM firing are : apogee X perigee height was changed to 35811 km,35211 km,Inclination is 5.1 deg. Orbital period now is 23 hr 42 min 04 sec.

Jun 22, 2016 : PSLV-C34 Successfully launches Cartosat-2 Series Satellite along with 19 co-passenger Satellites

Jun 22, 2016 : PSLV-C34 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Seperated and Injected into Orbit

Jun 22, 2016 : PSLV C34 / Cartosat-2 series PS4 Engine Shutdown. Injection Conditions achieved

Jun 22, 2016 : PSLV-C34 / Cartosat-2 Series PS3 seperated. PS4 Engine Started.

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