United States and India emerge as enduring Global Partners in the 21st Century

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Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi meeting President of the US Barack Obama in the White House Oval office on June 7
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi meeting President of the US Barack Obama in the White House Oval office on June 7

Washington DC: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of the United States of America Barack Obama met today in the White House during an official working visit of Prime Minister Modi to the United States.

Marking their third major bilateral summit, the leaders reviewed the deepening strategic partnership between the United States and India that is rooted in shared values of freedom, democracy, universal human rights, tolerance and pluralism, equal opportunities for all citizens, and rule of law.

Both leades pledged to pursue new opportunities to bolster economic growth and sustainable development, promote peace and security at home and around the world, strengthen inclusive, democratic governance and respect for universal human rights, and provide global leadership on issues of shared interest.

The leaders welcomed the significant progress made in bilateral relations between India and the United States during their tenure, in accordance with the roadmaps set out in the Joint Statements issued during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States in September 2014 and President Obama’s visit to India in January 2015.

The leaders affirmed the increasing convergence in their strategic perspectives and emphasized the need to remain closely invested in each other’s security and prosperity.

The joint statement released on Tudesday after the bilateral meeting between Modi and Obama, underscores the advancing U.S.-India Global Leadership on Climate and Clean Energy

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Joint Statement

FACT SHEET: The United States and India – Moving Forward Together on Climate Change, Clean Energy, Energy Security, and the Environment

FACT SHEET: Framework for the U.S.-India Cyber Relationship

FACT SHEET: U.S.-India Economic Cooperation and People-to-People Ties

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