The Seine flood and its impact on Paris

Newsroom24x7 Staff

The Seine floodParis: The River Seine in Paris has burst its banks at many places and the floodwaters in Paris are expected to rise further with the River Seine flowing 6m (20ft) above the normal level on Friday.

The swollen Seine is expected to recede from Monday, June 6

The world-famous Louvre and Orsay museums have been shut so staff can move priceless artworks to safety.

The flood forecasting service here had announced Seine vigilance “Orange” in Paris on Thursday, June 2 implying that there is a flood risk generating and large spills could have a significant impact on community life and the safety of property and people.

As the cellars of nearby districts of the Seine are likely to be flooded, people have been advised to remove valuables to safer places.

The Municipal authorities in Paris have told people to avoid going near the Seine and not to take unnecessary risks. The flood of the Seine, which affects Paris since Monday, May 30, has two characteristics: first it comes at a time of year when this type of phenomenon is rare, on the other hand the waters rose quickly -2 meters in 72 hours.

Earlier on Tuesday, the City of Paris had coordinated with the Police Department and all the operators concerned to put in place preventive measures to limit the impact on the daily lives of Parisians and the economic activities.

On Wednesday, the river banks were closed to traffic and Waterways of France suspended river traffic.

The City of Paris has decided to cancel midnight openings of Parks and Gardens this weekend, as the parks are waterlogged.
The lanes closed to traffic

The Pompidou path Mazas underground Tuileries
The section from the Garigliano bridge Bir Hakeim,
The pedestrian lane Pont-Royal Pont de l’Alma route Valhubert avoidance, under the bridge of Austerlitz (left bank)
The area under the National Bridge
The Quai de Bercy in the direction Voie Georges Pompidou / A4. The tunnel was flooded, it is closed to traffic.
The underground leading to access to the A4 (from the Interior Ring Road)

Supply of drinking water

Heavy rains in recent days and their consequences do not affect the drinking water supply of the capital, both in terms of quantity and quality. However water distributed in Paris has been reduced to half from underground sources – protected by the natural barrier of the ground – and river water (Seine and Marne). The raw water is treated in plants where water purification treatment systems are designed to cope with degraded quality of raw water, as is currently the case in thunderstorms.

It has been officially statwed that the water treatment and production capacity is fully operational and can fully meet the drinking water needs of Paris. The Eau de Paris teams have been mobilized to ensure that delivery of water in Paris is safe and sufficient!
Places closed the Parisians and Tourists

The Musée d’Orsay , the e Louvre Museum was closed to the public on Friday, June 3 to evacuate the works in reserve.

The sewer museum , the Josephine Baker swimming pool (13th) and gyms in the Square Tino Rossi (5th) are also closed to the public.

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