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Notorious criminal involved in a Rs. 800 crore cheating racket arrested by Delhi Police

Newsroom24x7 Staff

delhi police4New Delhi: A notorious cheat who has, along with a few associates, cheated some innocent and unsuspecting citizens of over Rs 800 crores on the pretext of investing their money in recurring or fixed deposit policies in ‘BPN Real Estate Company’ has been arrested by the Delhi Police.

A police team of Hauz Khas Police station in South District of Delhi has arrested notorious cheat Mukesh Baghel (32) son of Paij Ram Baghel and resident of Sita Ram Colony, in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. He has been accused of cheating people of around Rd. 800 crore.

Naresh Kumar, a resident of Chandgarhi village under Datawali post office in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh approached the Hauz Khas police station in Delhi and reported about the movements of Mukesh Baghel in that area along with his associates. He lodged the complaint that he had cheated crores of rupees of innocent people on the pretext of investing the money in recurring deposit or fixed deposit policies in ‘BPN Real Estate Company’. He further informed the police that a case (FIR No. 37/16, dated 11.2.16, u/s 420/406/409/120B IPC has already been registered at Paali in District Korba of Chhatisgarh in this regard. The complainant Naresh Kumar also reported that he was working as an agent in the company in question. In 2013, all the Directors of this company along with Mukesh Baghel absconded from their residents with cash belonging to the investors. He also produced a copy of a criminal complaint, pending in the Court of ACJM-2 at Aligarh in UP against accused Mukesh Baghel and other Directors of BPN Real Estate Company with the allegations of cheating and threatening. These facts were verified telephonically from Paali police station in Korba district and were found to be correct.

In order to arrest the accused Mukesh Baghel, a police team comprising SI Jaivir Singh, HC Harender, Ct. Chanderpal and Ct. Satpal led by Inspr. Satinder Sangwan, and the SHO/Hauz Khas was formed, sources were deployed to track the movementof accused Mukesh Baghel, criminal intelligence was developed and raids were conducted at all possible hideouts. On 28 May 2016, at the instance of the complainant, accused Mukesh Baghel was arrested. On hearing about his arrest, around 15-20 other complainants also gathered at the Hauz Khas POlice station.

Mukesh Baghel is a science graduate. There were 8 Directors in BPN Real Estate Company, including accused Mukesh Baghel. They generated a company with about 25-30 branches in different cities of India in 2007. Through their agents, they used to allure innocent people to invest their money in Recurring and Fixed Deposit Policies of their company. A large number of people accepted their offer and invested their money. In 2009, they changed the name of company as Sunshine Infra Build Corporation Ltd and transferred all the cash and data in the new company and disappeared in 2013. On the complaint of investors, 5 cheating cases at Paali police station in Kobra district of Chhatisgarh and Thatipur police staion in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, were registered.

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