Ujjain Simhasth 2016: Home Guards save 3 from drowning at Ramghat

Newsroom24x7 Desk

ujjain simhasthUjjain: Home Guard personnel saved 3 devotees from drowning when they were taking the holy dip at Ramghat on the Kshipra river during the Simhasth on Saturday.

The devotees were joined their families after they were administered first aid during Simhastha at Ujjain on May 14.

Bhopal resident Rahul Dube was taking the holy dip at Ramghat when slipped and started drowning. As he was drowing, two civil defence volunteers of the Home Guards Anurag Verma and Dharmendra Choudhary dived into the river and saved him.

In a similar incident at Ramghat, Ujjain resident Navneet started drowning when he entered the deep area. Home Guard Hemraj Paraste and Civil Defence volunteer Jitendra Verma who were present there saved him from drowning. A resident from Sehore Rajkumar also went through the same ordeal. He was saved from drowning by Home Guard personnel under the supervision of Platoom Commander Puja Gaud.

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