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Dubai presents the most expensive car on earth

Shaily Kalra

The grand LamborghiniDubai: The  worlds most luxurious and expensive car ever manufactured – the gold, platinum and diamond encrusted Lamborghini Aventador g LP700-4 – designed  from 500kg  block of solid 22 carat gold,  is on sale for Dh 27 million or $ 7.5 million and is all ready for a grand show, tomorrow at Bloomingdale Atrium in Dubai Mall.

This luxurious car is one of its kind and has already broken three records till now. Eventually, the car is not made for the road, but has made its way in the Guinness  Book of World Records due to its other qualities like it’s the most expensive car, it has the most secure showc0ase (featuring bulletproof glass) and the most luxurious logo.

The car not only possesses the looks, but it also has other features like its V12 engine pumping a massive 700bhp. The Aventador LP700-4 has a seven-speed transmission, and reaches 100 kmph within  3 seconds.
Moreover, this show car is a small model car whose headlights are decorated with diamonds and  each seat has 700 precious stones woven into the fabric. The total value of the material costs  $2.6m and the total weight of the carved gold is 25kg.

The best part of this expensive car is that 50% of the money it will fetch will be go for charity

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