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February 25, 2018

Ujjain Simhastha 2016: Foreigners attracted by Indian traditions and spiritualism

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Shahi Snan, Ujjain Simhasth 2016

Ujjain Simhasth 2016

Ujjain: Foreign devotees are getting attracted towards Indian traditions and spiritualism during Simhastha Mahakumbh at Ujjain where some are taking the holy dip in Kshipra -the River of Salvation – while others were seeking bliss by singing bhajans-kirtans or attaining peace through Dhyan-Yoga.

This was the general view shared by devotees from Spain, America, Brazil and Ukraine. Devotees from abroad were also all praise for the Mela area arrangements.

Stephano, (30) graduate and Aiter (23) from Barcelona, Spain, jointly stated that the arrangements made by the state government for Simhastha are ‘Fantastic’. They said that Social and religious harmony and spirit of tolerance they witnessed in Ujjain is laudable.

Shahi Snan Ujjain Simhasth 2Christen from California in the US experienced bliss taking the holy dip in Kshipra with local devotees. Christen said, ‘I experienced peace, bliss and happiness at Kumbh’.

Real, a civil engineer from Sao Palo, Brazil has come to Simhastha with her friends Bruna, Yedu, Nice, Chris, Anna, Masya, Sarah, Carol and Sibanda. Real was so much overwhelmed after joining Dhyan at local Siddhashram that she has rechristened herself as ‘Satya’. She said, ‘Kshipra ghats are very attractive, beautiful, mesmerising and clean. The ighting arrangements are also veryattractive’. She also appreciated the transport, lodging and other arrangements.

Andre Rudmak and Vladimir Jurwelo from Kiev, Ukraine joined a keertan at Dutt Akhada ghat. After keertan, they received Prasad, touched the feet of saints and seers and said, ‘India’s unity in diversity is unique. The Kumbh and Indian worshipping practices always attract us. We have keen interest in Indian concepts of Dhyan, Atma and Parmatma’, was their common veiw

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