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January 21, 2018

Suicidal tendency in the Defence forces

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Defence forces suicideNew Delhi: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today told Lok Sabha that Government of India is taking measures to reduce stress and prevent incidents of suicide and fratricide in the defence forces.

Parrikar told the House that the Government is working to improve the living and working conditions in Defence forces by providing better infrastructure and facilities; additional family accommodation, liberalized leave policy, establishing a grievance redressal mechanism, providing counselling by psychological counsellors, and conducting yoga and meditation sessions as part of unit routine.

Number of incidents of suicide and fratricide in the defence forces during last three years is as under:

Year Army Navy  

Air Force


  Suicide Fratricide Suicide Fratricide Suicide  



2013 86 03 06 Nil 15 Nil
2014 84 03 04 Nil 24 01
2015 77 01 03 Nil 15 Nil


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