Ishrat file: Chidambaram’s role comes under fire, Congress accused of playing with national security

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Four killed in encounter in Gujarat in June 2004
Four persons were killed in an encounter in Gujarat in June 2004

New Delhi: There has been an explosive twist to the Ishrat Jahan case as a television news channel, on the basis of the “Ishrat file” procured through the Right to Information Act (RTI),  today exposed the role of former Home Minister Chidambaram by establishing with evidence that the first affidavit presented before the court in this case, which described Ishrat as a  Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative and a terrorist, and second affidavit where this information was deleted were both approved by him.

Addressing media persons at the ruling BJP headquarter  here on behalf of her party, Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said this evening that there was a terror plot and that she (Ishrat) was an LeT operative was removed (from the second affidavit) by Chidambaram who was acting on behalf of the Congress.

The Minister gave credit to the media for exposing that both affidavits were cleared by the then Home Minister.

Congress party resorted to diverting everyone’s attention from the main point to whether it was a real encounter or a fake encounter (in Gujarat that culminated with the killing of Ishrat and 3 accomplices by security personnel in June 2004 when Narendra Modi was the State Chief Minister).

Ms Sitharaman charged the Congress of playing with national security by pointing out that they had misled the court to eliminate a leader they could not fight politically, a leader who was then a potential Prime Ministerial candudate and is now the PM of India. There was no terror no threat to him, the leader of congress and its vice president went about telling the people, the Minister said.

What the Congress did was that they created a charade and projected that Gujarat did something which was not in line with the intelligence inputs, Ms. Sitharaman said adding Congress is party to this.

The Central intelligence feedback to Gujarat was that Ishrat was moving with two Pakistani terrorists who were in India to assasinate Modi.

They have weakened the country’s security apparatus and played the CBI against the IB, Ms. Sitharaman went on to assert.

When a jounalist asked whether or not it was a fake encounter, the minister said the matter is subjudice.

A latest revelation in the Ishrat case is that the second affidavit was amended after the final draft had already been vetted by the Attorney General of India. The Congress is now in the dock and facing the charge that it was behind a conspiracy to nail Narendra Modi in the “fake encounter” case.

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