Huge earthquake kills 77 in Eucador

Newsupdate at 10.20 am Sunday, 17 April (Eucador time),  the death toll in the Eucador earthquake had risen to 233.
Newsroom24x7 Desk
Eucador earthquakeQuito (Eucador): At least 77 persons are reported to have been killed by a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake that has struck Ecuador.

Vice President if Eucador Jorge Glas escribed the earthquake as the “worst seismic movement faced in decades.”  A state of emergency has been declared in the six provinces, he told the media.In Guayaquil, a port city on the Pacific with s population of more than 2 million, a bridge collapsed many houses had been reduced to heaps of rubble.

The quake struck at 2358 GMT about 170 km from Quito. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the shallow quake struck off the northwest shore of Ecuador with a magnitude of 7.8. Glas gave a slightly lower measurement of magnitude 7.6.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawai had issued a warning for the Pacific coastline in close vicinity.

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