Pakistan “suspends” peace process with India

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Pak JIT team in Delhi
Pak JIT in New Delhi

New Delhi: Pakistan today accused India of creating unrest in Balochistan and announced that the peace process with India stands “suspended”.

The peace process has been suspended after India had mounted pressure on Pakistan to act against terrorists and their Pak handlers who were involved in terrorist attacks in India

The Pak High Commissioner in Delhi Abdul basit talked of the “suspension” of the peace process at a media interaction at the Foreign Correspondents’ club in the capital.

Basit circulated a written statement pointing to a former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadav, being projected by Pakistan as an Indian spy who was trying to foment trouble in Balochistan. He said Yadav’s arrest “irrefutably collaborates what Pakistan has been saying all along”. Carrying the tirade further, he added “We are all aware of those who seek to create unrest in Pakistan and de-stabilise the country.”

Basit’s act today is being seen by those keeping a close watch on Pakistan as a direct follow up of the Pak national Security Council meeting yesterday, which was chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and attended by the top brass of the defence forces.

India, carrying forward the peace process, has just allowed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) from Pakistan to carry out investgation into the recent Pathankot attack by giving it access to the scene of crime inside the Pathankot Air Force base. India had also given them evidence to establish that the terrorists involved in the pathankot attack were from Pakistan. By suspnding the peace process at this stage, Pakistan has blown up the reciprocity route and blocked the proposed tour by a National Investigation Agency (NIA) team from India to carry forward the investigation into the Pathankot attack.

Earlier today, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup when asked about Pakistan Foreign Office statement yesterday that its JIT was not allowed to meet witnesses from the security forces, said,”The work of JIT in India was as per the ToR which were agreed between the two governments through their respective foreign offices. They are on reciprocal basis and in accordance with the existing legal provisions.”

India has already blasted the Pak spy theory dubbing the “arrest of an Indian spy” as a conspiracy hatched by the ISI to shift world attention from the genocide and use of brute force by Pakistan to counter unrest and crush the hopes and aspirations of the Balochi people.

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👆 Mark the concluding para of this report: “The success of Modi’s birthday diplomacy will be measured only by total end to ceasfire violations along the LoC in Kashmir, end to infiltration and cross-border terrorism and action by Pakistan to punish the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai attack.”

Postscript: The Pathankot terrorist attack and the latest Pak decision to suspend the peace process amply shows that Modi’s diplomacy vis-a-vis Pakistan is like chasing a  mirage. Its high time India reformulates its Pak Policy.

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