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Railway Protection Force: How a young girl was rescued from the clutches of Maoists

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AbductionHow a 13 year old girl was abducted by Maoists from a predominently tribal area of Jhakhand State and rescued  by the Railway Protection Force is a leading example of service to humankind. We are reproducing the story behind the entire rescue as naratted by Madhup Mohta. It has gone viral on social media.

This narrative, though without a timeline, is timeless.

On the day of the Holi , my maid walked up and told me a story which I did not expect to hear in my life . She told me that the name of her 13 year old daughter , who was studying in a boarding school in tribal Jharkhand , figured in the latest list of children to be recruited by Maoists through the lottery . Motor Cycle borne Maoists were carrying out a recce for her abduction . Her daughter had to be rescued and brought to Delhi , even if we were to travel to Jharkhand Commando style !

My first instinct was to call up an IAS Batchmate in Ranchi. But we failed to even connect on Phone as he was busy attending to Speaker of the Assembly . And it was then that I was reminded of RPF.

Years ago , in an Induction Course at Railway Staff College in Baroda , our Course Director said that the Railway Protection Force is the only true All India Force in the Country as it has a Jurisdiction and effective presence in every Inch of Indian territory . If you ever want to track a person in India , enlist the help of RPF. If you are ever lost , reach a Railway Line and look for RPF .This is what I did .

A call was made to Jaiaya Varmah IG RPF , who connected me to Ravindra Verma , SSC RPF Bilaspur and Rajiv Yadav , SC RPF , Ranchi . Promptly , Sanjeev Kumar , the RPF Commander in Ranchi , established contact with the child , in remote Kolebira . She was smuggled on Motorcycles through Maoist infested territory . Spent a night at residence of a Police Person in Ranchi . Big Railway Boss, Suri Singh organised a Railway Berth through Vijai Kumar, ADRM Ranchi and the child was put on Garib Rath under watchful eye of an ICRTC Attendant Ravi Kumar (courtsey Dr Minocha ,CMD, ICRTC) , who looked after the Child through her maiden journey out of Jharkhand . RPF Inspectors ensured the security and wellbeing of the unaccompanied and terrorised Child along the 1341 Km journey from Ranchi to Delhi with personal supervision at each major station on the way, Daltonganj, Dehri on Sone, Mughal Sarai, Allahabad, Kanpur and New Delhi . The dazed 13 year old child was handed over by RPF in New Delhi to her mother after an impossible journey out of the clutches of Maoists through endless crazy forests and after one of India’s longest train journies to an urban habitat she has never known .

We plan to educate her and bring her up as a Noidaite . Hope she grows up to be a Doctor or an RPF Officer !

Thank you Suri Singh Jaiaya Varmah.
-Madhup Mohta

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