Tigress T-17 is dead: A huge loss for Pench Tiger Reserve


Omveer Choudhary

Photo courtesy: Omveer Choudhary
Photos courtesy: Omveer Choudhary

Black day for Indian wildlife – Baghinnala’s two cubs also found dead

Pench Tiger Reserve, (Central India): It is with a heavy heart I want to say that Baginnala , T-17 is no more amongst us since 28-Mar-2016. The reason for her demise is not yet known and will be discovered only after her autopsy. Her body was found inside the forest on 28-Mar-2016 as was last spotted on 27-Mar-2016 near Turia Gate along with her 4 cubs. The status of the cubs is not clear till now.

Punch Digress T17Personally, I am at loss of words as she and her cubs were very special for me. She had given many dream sightings to me since the Park opened in October 2015. She greeted me along with her cubs the day I returned from holidays. As I write, my heart goes out to the cubs and there future which is now uncertain. I pray for their safety and survival. We at Pench were proud of her and she had become our favourite in a small amount of time. We were waiting for the cubs to grow so could see all the 5 tigers.

As I started my safari everyday, I would always look for her and the 4 cubs. She was the only tiger on whom an area was dedicated and I would check her area without failing. It was the routine that I followed. From today, I will not search for her anymore inside the park. However, she will always have a special place in my heart and will always remain there. Her absence will be deeply felt.
I will update the status of the cubs as soon as we discover. I pray that her soul rests in peace and give us the strength to bear her loss.

Baghinnala we always miss you…

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