Delhi Police arrests a high-profile inter-State burglar

Newsroom24x7 Staff

delhi police4New Delhi: Delhi Police has arrested a high-profile inter-State Burglar wanted in more than 100 cases across Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Delhi Police was confronted with the challenge of solving several burglary cases reported from posh apartments in the East District this year. Since February, burgalary incidents were reported from Batla Apartments, Kala Vihar Apartments and Akash Darshan Apartments. To solve the sensational burglaries a special team was deployed to solve these cases and nab the criminals

The police focused attention on criminals of Uttar Pradesh. All the Jail Releases of recent past were scrutinized and verified. During this process, the Police received secret information that criminals of Nadeem Gang – Nadeem and Mustaq had come out of Jail recently and Nadeem was coming to Cross River Mall to meet his associate. The Police conducted a raid and arrested him from that area.

On Sustained interrogation Nadeem disclosed that he had been committing burglaries for last 21 years and had broken the locks of more than 500 apartments during this period. He had been caught four times by Delhi police but not during the last two years.

Nadeem told the Police that, along with his accomplice, he used to pick the apartments at random but in most cases, they used to strike where the guards were old and appeared lazy. They moved in luxury cars to dodge the guards. They always wore costly clothes – mostly suits and tie. They targeted only flats that were locked. For breaking the locks they were using a Farma Bardar/ Daulatiya (it is a lock breaking instrument which weighs around 10-12 Kgs which is made up of fine cast iron and is in two parts connected with grouses). He also told the Police that they were stealing only cash and jewellery.

Nadeem, is a resident of village Farid Nagar, Hapur in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. He studied up to 5th class. His father is a fruit-seller in Shahibabad in UP. He joined the world of crime in 1995. Earlier, he used to steal cattle in his village and adjoining villages along with with another criminal Saleem. He was arrested a number of times and sent to judicial custody. In 1999, he was apprehended in an attempt to murder case. He later met another criminal Arif @ Kallu who joined his gang and they started committing burglaries. He was apprehended 4 times in Delhi but did not turn up in courts to face trial. He purchased a Honda City and a Skoda Car to commit crime. He has spent lakhs of rupees lavishly on bar dancers in Mumbai. His gang has been engaging many different criminals from Bhojpur in Ghaziabad district, Mawana and Zakir Nagar Colony in Meerut district for committing burglaries in Delhi.

The Police have recovered a Honda City car that was being used by Nadeem.

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