Washington’s dysfunction should not become a constitutional crisis: Joe Biden

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Joe Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden (photo courtesy: http://www.whitehouse.gov)

Washington DC: It is vitally important that Chief Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination (to the Supreme Court) gets the consideration the Constitution affords it.

This was emphatically stated by US Vice President Joe Biden before heading for Georgetown University’s Law Centre on Thursday to speak on this burning issue.

Biden said in a statement that in his 36 years in the United States Senate, the Constitution was always the guidepost. Which meant that “every single Supreme Court nominee got a hearing, a committee vote, and a floor vote.”

Biden drew attention to political debates “from all sides” -from political pundits to members of Congress and said: “Our politics are clearly broken. But what we need to make sure right now is that Washington’s dysfunction doesn’t become a constitutional crisis.”

In a straight jacket, assertive and to the point observation Biden said: Right now, the United States Senate has a job to do. The Constitution has written a straightforward description of what that job calls for:

It says the President “shall” appoint someone to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, with the Senate’s “Advice and Consent.”

That includes consulting and voting. Voting in favor, or voting against – but voting.

Saying nothing, seeing nothing, reading nothing, and hearing nothing is not an option.”

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