Brussels airport bombing: Key suspect arrested

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Brussels attack suicide bombers and third suspectBRUSSELS: Police have arrested a key suspect, who was caught on CCTV footage just before the Brussels airport blasts on Tuesday along with the suicide bombers identified by media as two brothers Khalid and Brahim Bakraoui,

According to media reports, the suspect arrested has been named as Najim Laachraoui, (24). Reports say that he was earlier described
by security agencies in Europe as a suspected Islamic State bombmaker. While the ISIS has said that it was behind the attack, the role of Laachraoui is to be investigated.

Laachraoui, a Belgian, was born in Morocco. Media reports say that he was trained in Syria. His DNA was found on the belt of one of the explosives in the Paris attacks lasty November. Preliminary investigation has revealed that he traveled once with Salah Abdeslam, who was caught last week in conenction with the Paris attacks.

The two brothers Khalid and Brahim Bakraoui, who according to Belgian officials were responsible for two of Tuesday’s blasts at the airport departure hall and on a subway train that left about 34 dead and scores wounded had criminal records but were not on the watch list as terror threats.

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