“Black Dollar” fraud: Delhi Police arrests two Central African nationals

Newsroom24x7 Staff

delhi policeNew Delhi: With the arrest of two Central African Nationals (from Cameroon and Congo) the North District Police here has busted a gang involved in committing what has been described as a “black dollar fraud”

The Police on Sunday, 20 March, regisetred against the accused Kamleu Nya Alain @ Glory and Mwanza Nawej Yesh @ Michaels, an FIR (No. 105/16) under sections 420 and 411 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and section 14 of Foreigners Act, at the Civil Lines Police Station in Delhi.

On Sunday, the complainant, Aditya Bondwal had reported that he is the manufacturer of construction equipment like the JCB machine and other tractor attachments. During Indo- African Summit, had been introduced to one Rozer by a person known to him. Rozer showed interest in his business and also gave a proposal to invest one million dollars in his business. He claimed that his father Marafa Hamidou Yaya, used to be the right- hand man of President of Cameroon Paul Biya. He has been sentenced to Jail since 2012 and all his accounts have been frozen. Next time when they met, Rozer told Bondwal that he has got the entire one million dollars painted with black ink. Using this modus operandi, he could pass through customs. For cleaning the currency in dollars, a costly ink and powder is required, he told Bondwal and tookrom him  Rs. 30 lakh. After that he introduced him to the two accused Kamleu Nya Alain @ Glory and Mwanza Nawej Yesh@ Michael and said that they were experts in cleaning the black dollars. Both the accused Kamleu Nya Alain @ Glory and Mwanza Nawej Yesh @ Michael took additional Rs. 50 lakhs from him. In this way after they had taken a total of Rs. 80 lakhs from him, they started demanding more money saying the quality of ink and powder they had acquired was not up to the mark. For procuring more, they said that they still needed Rs. 42 lakhs. At this stage Bondwal realized that he had been cheated by these people. After lodging the complaint with the police, he followed a pre-decided plan and called the accused persons near Oberoi Hotel in Civil Lines for delivery of Rs. 42 lakhs. The staff of special Police team of North District apprehended both the accused who were then arrested.

Accused Kamleu Nya Alain and Mwanza Nawej Yesh were interrogated at length. They disclosed that they came to India on tourist visa. Here they came in contact withone Rozer who is also an African National. They all planned to cheat Indians through this black dollar fraud. Rozer met one O.P. Pandey during the Indo-African Summit at Greater Noida. O.P. Pandey introduced him to the complainant.

Kamleu Nya Alain @ Glory s/oSh. Nya Maurice r/o Doula, Brazzaville, Camaroon, (43 ), who was residing at 895/8, Madangiri Extn., Mehrauli, Delhi, has studied up to senior secondary. He came to India in May-2015. He has been residing in India without a valid passport and visa.

Mwanza Nawej Yesh @ Michael (42), son of Nawej Francois, resident of Kanda 2 area, Matonge City, Kin Shasa Congo , was residing at E-1100, Madangiri Extn., Mehrauli. He has done first year of a degree course. For the last three years, he has also been residing in India without a valid passport and visa.

The Police have recovered from the accused Rs. 25,000 in cash, two packets containing black papers to pass as $ one million, five packets containing black papers with photocopy of Indian rupees in the denomination of Rs. 1000, two bottles of a chemical substance used to clean the black paper and a kit used for demonstration to convert the black paper into white.

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