BJP MLA arrested for assault on Police horse

Newsroom24x7 Desk

ShaktimanDehradun: The POlice today arrested Bharatiya Janata party MLA from Mussoorie Ganesh Joshi, accused of attacking and gravely injuring Police horse “Shaktiman”, whose one hind leg was amputated yesterday

On March 14, when BJP activists who were marching in protest against the Uttarakhand Congress Government were stopped by the mounted police, Joshi led an attack by charging at the horse (Shaktiman) with his lathi and his supporters also joined him. the horse received several blows on his legs.

At this point a couple of BJP workers caught the horse by its reins and pulled it to the ground. The horse was seriously injured with multiple fractures in one hind leg.

The Garhwal police have confirmed that the MLA from Mussoorie has been arrested as there is an FIR against him and a few others for assaulting the police horse on March 14.

The BJP MLA accused of assaulting the horse earlier told media that he did not hit the horse and was innocent. BJP leaders have reacted strongly over the arrest of their party MLA. According to them, he is a victim of a conspiracy. When asked to react, Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat said: “They have broken the leg of Shaktiman and now they want to break my leg.”

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