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February 23, 2018

Beef eating rumour leads to the arrest of 4 Kashmiri students in Rajasthan

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GangrarJaipur: Four Kashmiri students, who had consumed goat’s meat in their hostel were arrested by the Chittodgarh Police in the early hours of Tuesday after there was tension in the area as word had spread that they had cooked and eaten beef in their University hostel at Gangrar, a tehsil town, 30 kms from Chittodgarh in Rajasthan

The students, from Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir, were later let off by the police after a veterinary doctor was brought on the scene and he confirmed that what had been consumed was goat’s meat and not beef.

According to police sources, rumour was sparked by some students who saw the kashmiri students eating meat and they went and told outsiders that these students were eating beef.

The rumour snowballed into a huge protest by right wing activists in Gangrar and Chittodgarh. A meat shop near the hostel was burnt and the town also observed a bandh for a couple of hours. The protesters demanded the arrest of the students saying they had hurt their religious sentiments.

The University Vice Chancllor has said that action will be taken against the Kashmiri students since there is a rule barring students from eating meat on the campus.

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