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Kamlesh slams Kanhaiya and his supporters

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Kanhaiya Kumar

Kanhaiya Kumar

New Delhi: Kamlesh Parmeshwari, on whose complaint, the JNU administration had penalised Kanhaiya Kumar for misbehaviour, today counteref those who are saying, Kanhaiya was not called from proctor office by staying categorically that they are telling white lies.

In her post on facebook, Kamkesh writes: ‘He was called for submitting deposition ( for his complaint against me in which he admitted he was urinating). After that he was called twice by proctor office and he did not bother to appear before the committee.’

Kamlesh further argues: Some are talking about timing “Why I raised this issue now”. This timing is crucial because I read his post 9th Feb speech on Dignity of Women published in a leading academic journal “Economic and Political Weekly”. He is giving lectures on Gender Justice, Women Empowerment and Rapes of women and then said he will fight for them”. He addressed JNU community on International Women’s day. Does a misogynist like him have any right to give any speech on Women empowerment in an Institution like JNU on International Women’s Day? Wont I feel hurt when I have myself faced wrath of his male chauvinism? I am hurt and that’s why I want to show his real face.

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