TV channels and Kanhaiya who is facing sedition charge

Lalit Shastri

kanhaiyaI pity the TV channels that relayed on prime time and newspapers that have rolled out reems and reems of newsprint  to make Kanhaiya Kumar larger than life by putting in public domain his speech that he gave on JNU campus after his release from Tihar Jail yesterday. I also pity those who are going gaga over his performance following his conditional and interim release after his arrest last month on the most serious charge of sedition.  The citizens should not forget that Kanhaiya is on trial in a court of law. Right now he is out of jail on interim bail and not because he has been proved innocent. The charge of sedition is still sticking. Kanhaiya’s theatrics and oratory skill can impress only the gullible, the naive, the rabid leftists and no body else. He spoke yesterday with the advantage of hindsight. Hence no matter how hard he tries to change tack, one sees his latest performance only as a futile bid to salvage his credibility which has already touched its nadir. It is immaterial whether or not he shouted anti-India slogans at the  JNU rally last month. The fact remains that he is in the dock for openly supporting and participating in that rally organised on the JNU campus to project Afzal Guru, the terrorist, as a martyr and extend support to those who want to destroy the nation. This is what landed him in jail. No one should forget this.

A speech on the JNU issue by Monika Arora, Supreme Court lawyer, has gone viral on social media. One wonders if the TV channels will give equal time to Ms. Arora on Prime time to set the record straight.

Click here to hear the speech by Monika Arora on the JNU issue

Click here to read Anti-India slogans, call to destroy the country and JNU


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