Modi seeks the help of Opposition to increase accountability

Newsroom24x7 Staff

modi at FBNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Parliament today that accountability needs to be increased but he can’t do this by himself.

The Opposition is experienced and its support is needed, Modi said.

The PM was replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address. The main thrust of his speech, obviously, was also in response  to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s advice in his address yesterday that the PM should be consulting the bureaucrats in important matters. The PM said one cannot leave the citizens of the country at the mercy of the bureaucracy .

On the onslaught of criticism from Gandhi and others from the Oppodition, Modi said: ” I have learned to live with criticism.”

His reply was packed with emotion as he went on to observe: “Governments will rise and fall. The country will exist.”

The PM said: “I need co-operation and help to bring development to this nation. Lets work shoulder to shoulder.”We need to work together to increase the accountability of the executive, he went on to emphasise.

Staying that he has learnt from the accusations hurled at him. While countering Rahul Gandhi’s charges, the PM Modi even quoted Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi in his speech.

Asserting that the Opposition suffers from an inferiority complex, he asked why must anyone question ‘Make in India’ when it is for the benefit of the cointry. He said that his government is only correcting the mistakes of the previous UPA government.


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