Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016 : Theme of ’70s moulds the latest haute couture

Shaily Kalra

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016Milan: Marni, Consuelo Castiglioni, Missoni were on the go with a couple of other designers at the runway at Milan, Milano Moda Dona,Italy

For Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016, that ended last Monday, the designers reconstructed their old designs, as if with unpremeditated ease, to to give exclusive new looks to their classic old couture making it classy, romantic and very much feminine. What they rolled out will certainly appeal and suit the new generation.

Marni ready to wear fall winter collection, was very colourful, graceful and the puffy sleeves added definite grace to the brand’s runway looks and beauty. Apart from that the accessories were kept simple ato add subtelity of essence of haute couture.

The dresses were also short with athletic designs to give it a casual and sporty look. The long stripes, big pockets and decorative dresses also kept the audience undisturbed.

Missoni designs were typically Boho style. Boho-chic is a fashion statement loaded with bohemian and hippie influences that touched its peak around 2005.The Missoni dresses were long and Stylish with lot of flares. Their vertical lines made the dresses exceedingly vibrant.

Dolce & Gabbana collection had a theme of a fairy tale. Their garments with a riot of colours and expensive accessoriesm crowns and tiaras conquered everyone’s imagination. Dolce & Gabana maintained its spirit for this fall season by presenting a collection fit to ingite the “intimate dream of every woman who wants to be a princess and make it a reality”.

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