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Australian Government is committed to improving the delivery of infrastructure nation-wide: Malcolm Turnbull

Newsroom24x7 Staff

australia-infrastructureBrisbane: The Australian Government has welcomed the release of Infrastructure Australia’s 15-year Australian Infrastructure Plan, which sets out an ‘Infrastructure Priority List’ of more than 90 potential projects around the country and an extensive set of recommendations relevant to all levels of government about reforms to improve the delivery of infrastructure nation-wide.

Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull

Marking the release of the Infrastructure Plan, Australin Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saidd: “Infrastructure is absolutely critical to Australia’s success in the 21st century. It is the innovation nation needs the infrastructure to support it, right across the board.” He expressed the hope that cities will become much more engaged, much more of a partner in the development of city plans and in supporting city plans and ensuring that all of our infrastructure and all of our services, whether it is communications, or building roads and supporting airports and mass transit and so forth or water, it is critically important, all of those things are thoroughly integrated and pulling together to ensure that we get the outcome we want, which is that we have cities – this is not just capital cities, this is all cities, our big regional centres, are more liveable, they’re better able to support the industries, the lifestyles, the citizens, the entrepreneurs that will drive our growth.

Turnbull went on to observe: “We have an ideas boom, as you know, this is the age of innovation. This is also a time where soft commodities are in the highest demand.” Most of the world’s middle class will be living in East Asia, right at our door stop, he said adding we have the ability to service those markets and we are doing so already. That is why we are seeing such strong growth. That is why so many farmers are smiling, particularly when they get some rain as well.

The Prime Minister said Australians are seeing better prices and better opportunities “but we need the infrastructure. We will be using every angle of our policy, we will be coordinating that and as far as cities are concerned, as you know, I have brought the Cities Task Group into my Department, right into the heart of the Government, into Prime Minister and Cabinet because it requires a whole of Government response. We are determined to make sure that we provide Australians, particularly in cities, large and small, with all of the support they need.”

Minister for Major Projects, Paul Fletcher said on this occasion that Plan has list of 93 projects or initiatives at various stages around the country. And that is a really important planning tool for the Federal Government and also State and Territory Governments in assessing which projects will go forward, which, over time, will be funded and it is a tool over the next 15 years, it’s a 15-year plan.

The other part of this plan is a whole series of policy recommendations across many areas relevant to infrastructure policy. For example, to have better integration of land use planning and transport planning and recommendations on a whole range of areas.


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