Syria seeks UN action on Turk-Kurd attacks

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syriaSyria : Syria had called upon UN Security Council to take cognizance of Turkish attacks on Kurds, and take appropriate action over the non-ceasing shelling in the northern province. Raising objections on Turkish attacks, Syria condemned Turkish military action against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria and called it as violation of its sovereignty. Syria has called on the UN Security Council to take immediate action on the rising conflict in the zone due to these attacks.

Turkey began its shelling a day ago, and carried it out to the second day on Sunday. This came in as a consequence of Kurdish forces advancing in northern Aleppo province. The allegiance of Kurdish forces has two points of view, wherein — Ankara opines the Kurdish militia in Syria as allied to the outlawed PKK. On the other hand, United States and others back the Kurdish militia in Syria, the People’s protection unit YPG, in its fight against the so-called Islamic State (IS) group. The outlawed PKK, the Kurdish worker’s party, has carried out a decades-long campaign for autonomy in Turkey, and is supposed to be extending its involvement in Syria’s crisis.

Syrian government wrote to UN Secretary General and the Security Council’s Chairman, accusing Turkey of violating its sovereignty by backing ‘Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists’ in the north. Syria has demanded its say in the matter and has warned that it has a right to respond in the situation at hand. The exact words in the communication to UNSC by Syria was thus — Turkish artillery shelling of Syrian territory constitutes direct support to the armed terrorist organisations…[Syria] will maintain its legitimate right to respond to the Turkish crimes and attacks and to claim compensation for the damage caused.

France’s Foreign Ministry has also urged Turkey to end its assault on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.

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