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January 23, 2018

F16, US and Pakistan: The big interest

Lalit Shastri

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

The US decision to give F-16 aircrafts to Pakistan is one more step by the Obama Administration towards escalating the arms race in the Asian sub-continent.To provide some semblance of balance the Obama administration will also support the Make in India campaign of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by helping in speeding up the process of US defence production industry which is now busy forging alliances with big names in Indian industry to start production of fighter jets and a whole range of defence arsenal in India- this will only fill the American pockets and create a  mirage of self sufficiency in defence matters and progress vis-a-vis India…..it is high time people see through this is double talk. It is also desired that the mandarins who dictate India’s foreign policy  should take the right path and call off the US bluff rather than climbing the pedestal just to express reservations on the US stand regarding Pakistan. India should be vary of channelising precious resources in the wrong direction….people in India should not allow leaders to take them for a ride while the Americans are doing so much to turn Pakistan into a hydra-headed monster.

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