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Two trains collide head-on in Germany, 4 dead, 100 injured

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German train crash imagesBerlin : Two trains moving at high speed collided head-on and banged into each other while treading in directions facing each other on a single track early hours today in Germany. The collision transpired huge impact on passengers boarded in the moving train, leaving four dead and over a hundred injured. The train crash which took place in southern Germany occurred when two trains clashed on the single track between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen resulting in derailment of one train. The trains took huge impact and persons boarded in the derailed train suffered severe casualties. More than hundred persons were injured, out of which 10 were reported to be in critical condition and rushed to medical assistance immediately. Four persons lost their lives in the collision.

Both trains, plying within the regional territory, chugged straight into each other in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Chaos filled the scene of the accident as both trains were loaded with passengers out of which several got injured and thrown out of their seats. Several wagons overturned due to the sudden impact resulting in halt in motion and screeching the train to a sudden halt, while bumping out of track.

Rescue operations are full on and the skies of southern Germany where the accident took place are filled with helicopters which have begun the task of transporting injured persons to medical services in hospitals nearby. although the reason of collision is not officially confirmed yet, police authorities from the local area has begun an investigation into the matter, along with the railway authorities of the concerned route where the trains were plying.

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