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February 21, 2018

Amendment that will threaten people’s liberty and freedom in France

Jamsheed Rizwani

Screenshot_2016-02-09-14-57-46-1Enshrining the state of emergency in the French  constitution…. when 441 out of the 570 MPs of the Assemblée Nationale (the lower house of the French Parliament) abstain from such a project, indeed will be a shame. Only 103 voted for the constitutional amendment and 26 voted against. The law now has to go before the upper house i.e. the Senate before the CONGRESS i.e. both houses in a common sitting enact this amendment……Without going into details this Constitutional amendment is considered by many in the left and by civil liberties organizations as a threat to basic freedoms…, this is also shared by a large proportion of the right.

The lower house of the French Parliament on Monday voted in favour of enshrining in the constitution the process of declaring a state of national emergency.
This is being viewed as a controversial amendment the government wants to put in place after last November’s Paris attacks

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