Taiwan weekend earthquake – two persons rescued today

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taiwan earthquakeTaiwan : A man and a woman, injured during the earthquake which rocked a building and brought the cement structure down, have been rescued. Authorities informed that two people have been pulled alive from the ruins of an apartment building two days after it collapsed in a powerful earthquake in Tainan City in Taiwan. The woman was found alive, waiting silently for a rescue magic, as she stood still beside her dead companion, who has succumbed to the quake injuries. Having lost her two-year old son too, the woman stayed put and did not loose out on hopes of rescue, and continued breathing. The rescued woman, Tsao Wei-ling, was pulled out today morning in a conscious state, but was rushed to medical facility for hospital care.

From the nearby rubble, another person, a man — who was stuck alive, between the fallen concrete, was also rescued. Both survivors were pulled out by rescue workers after struggle and search inside the quake remains. Around 35 people died in the magnitude 6.4 quake, most of whom were inside the Weiguan Jinlong building. A densely inhabited building, authorities are suspecting of more than 100 people to be still stuck and trapped inside, waiting to be rescued.

The man had been communicating to rescuers throughout the night, while they were trying to judge the path of his rescue. Working for a long time in between the rubbles, the rescue workers finally managed to pull him out just before midday local time. Officials said that almost 310 people had been rescued from the rubble of the building, with 100 of them taken to hospital.

The 17 storeys of the Weiguan Jinlong (Golden Dragon) apartment complex crumpled as the quake struck just before 04:00 local time on Saturday (20:00 GMT Friday), as Taiwan was beginning the lunar new year holiday.

David Headley Chase brings results as he admits LeT connect

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2611 attacksNew Delhi : David Coleman Headley today committed to his involvement in Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) when he admitted, stay put in a foreign land, via live admittance through video conference, and made investigative authorities move a step deeper into the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case. Headley, one of the main conspirators in the 26/11 attacks, deposed as a witness in the case and shared information on the modus operandi of terror cycle, which lead to the ghastly Mumbai attacks. Outlining the series of event in the prelude to the attack, Headley, an American national, committed that he was in the know of series of events which led to the crime.

On the procedure of his entry into India, he gave it all — starting from planting a false identity for self, managing legal entry route into the Indian soil by forging Passport on proxy name, co-ordinating with Let and its operatives, the interaction with LeT handler for the same, and the number of visits that Headley had made to India before, and after the attacks. Headley admitted today that he had come to the city with a false identity at the behest of his colleague and handler, Sajid Mir(co-accused), a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative. Claiming his allegiance to the terror group, Headley admitted that he was a true follower of LeT, and had gone to the extent of swapping his identity for executing visits on proxy. He revealed how he had changed his name from Dawood Gilani to David Coleman Headley for the purpose of acquiring a new passport to come to India. Working on the scheme of events detailed out by LeT, Headley had been moving in and out of India before the attacks. He himself said thi, when he admitted that he had visited Mumbai seven times prior to the attacks on November 26, 2008. He even visited Delhi in March 2009,David Headley after the attacks.

The revelations came during a deposition which took place place before special judge GA Sanap in a city civil and sessions court in Mumbai, via video conference, from an undisclosed location in the US. The proceedings began at 7 am today, and will continue until 12.30 pm with a break in between. Public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said — This is the first time perhaps in the world’s legal history that a terrorist will tender live evidence in a foreign country. Headley will likely divulge the larger aspect of the criminal conspiracy behind the 26/11 terror attacks. This would strengthen the present trial pending against Indian nationals. The US government has supported the endeavor taking into consideration the global challenge of terrorism.

Headley, after being convicted and sentenced by a US Federal court in January 2013 — is currently in a US jail where he is serving 35 years for his involvement in Mumbai attacks. Headley is scheduled to depose on Tuesday morning as well.

Leopard in a Bengaluru school

Jamsheed Rizwani

FB_IMG_1454872910321A leopard in a school in Bengalaru caught my attention ……humans moving and squatting more and more of the space required for their habitat, it is normal that now and then we have the furry animal trying to claim back its territory. Or, trying to look for food gone scarce with small herbivores which form part of its diet also having become rare in these areas. Domestic animals provide a valid substitute and they are easy prey for this predator…..Forest officials must remove the animal and release it far away from human habitations.

As for the predator, he is lamb like compared to those who foment and practice communal and racial hatred……Bengalaru needs to address both issues… protecting its citizens (by citizens, I mean all those who live within its limits)…. In some countries, like France, a person who witnesses an act of agression or violence against another person without doing anything about it can be pursued for being a passive onlooker….. in the Bengalaru case, had there been such a law , not only the passive policemen but also those in the bus who refused to let the Tanzanians board can face the might of the law…. I believe that such legislation should be enacted with adequate information and publicity so that each citizen is able to assume his/her responsibilities. In a democracy each citizen is his /her brother’s keeper, this needs to be enshrined in our statutes. Racism and communalism must be wiped out…..