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Tanzanian girl stripped by mob in Bangalore

Newsroom24x7 Staff

bengaluru incidentBengaluru: A mob went berserk and acted most bizarre by targeting a 21-year old Tanzanian girl, a second year BBA student, who was dragged out of her car, beaten and paraded naked after another car had crushed to death a 35 year old Hesarghatta resident here this past Sunday.

According to Police Commissioner N S Megharikh, this was a case of “mistaken identity”. The driver of the car which killed the woman is in police custody.

The Tanzanian girl student was stripped and her car – a wagon R was torched by those in the mob. She was pushed out of a bus that was passing by as she tried to board it to escape from them, Legal Adviser of All African Students Union in Bengaluru Bosco Kaweesi told reporters here adding “She’s Tanzanian, the man who caused the accident comes from Sudan, they didn’t even know each other.”

Kaweesi further said three others were also beaten up. She had no connection with the accident that happened much before and alleged that the police did not help when approached.

This one incident is bound to tarnish the image of Bengaluru, which has emerged as a global city and India’s IT and tech-hub.

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