Heavy snowfall leaves millions of travellers stranded in China

Newsroom24x7 Desk

China railway station crowdGuangzhou : Heavy snowfalls has stranded tens of thousands of people outside Guangzhou railway station and created a human flood of migratory workers waiting to travel for Chinese New Year calendar turn. China snow has stranded nearly 100,000 poeople at Guangzhou station, as heavy disruption has been caused in commuting due to snowfall, which has been hampering movement since beginning of the week.

Monday witnessed a huge gathering of passengers who waited in thousands of head count, all delayed by cancellation of many trains from north and central China due to snow. Tuesday added to the swell in numbers as people wanting to travel back to their home and transitory migrants closed in at the trains stations, adding to the already-stranded crowd. The number of people wanting to travel on the runup to Chinese New Year rose to almost 100,000.

Since morning today, people have been reaching from all corners of mainland China and remote areas, and law and order has begun working overtime to contain the chaos caused by such a huge population of people on the station and its vicinity. Local police informed that more than 5000 officers have been deployed to maintain order and calm in the crowd.

Central China is going through one of its severest weather disrupt and has experienced some of its coldest weather in years. Heavy snow has disrupted public transport in southern China, stranding tens of thousands of people outside Guangzhou station. Coming at a time when hundreds of millions of migrant workers travel home to see their families on the runup to Chinese New Year, this snowfall has resulted in huge train delays. As many trains from north and central China stand cancelled or delayed infinitely due to heavy snow, passengers in the south are left stranded with no transport and snowy weather.

Police authorities are issuing constant warnings to the gathered people and has urged passengers to check their train details online before stepping out. People are heading to the station without confirming the status of train and thus adding to the already flooded streets of railway station, and Police is trying to discourage additional overcrowding.

According to an official estimate from Chinese authorities, nearly three billion trips are scheduled to come up during the holiday season, and this time of the year in China is already considered to be the world’s biggest annual human migration, year after year.

Air services are also disrupted due to weather conditions. Flights which are able to take off, have flown partly empty as traffic jams have led to more than 400 people in Guangzhou missing their flights and not making it on time.


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