RBI keeps rates on hold ahead of budget

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rbi2Mumbai : The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has kept its policy rate on hold at 6.75 percent, as it announced so today, this Tuesday, and the announcement has come as no surprise as it has matched with the anticipation and expectations of such a move, in toto. The status quo raises hopes from the upcoming union government’s budget, as RBI’s step indicates that the central bank is opting to rather wait until for government’s annual budget statement at the end February to decide on whether to cut interest rates further.

A cut in policy repo rate by 125 basis points, which happened recently in 2015, posed as a forewarning from the stables of Chief, as Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan warned on Friday against straying from the path of fiscal consolidation or relaxing the fight against inflation. He firmly stated via his statement on Tuesday, that the central bank would stay ‘accommodative’ with a keen eagle’s eye on the government’s budget this month-end, on 29. In his exact words — The Reserve Bank continues to be accommodative even as it leaves the policy rate unchanged in this review, while awaiting further data on the development of inflation. Structural reforms in the forthcoming Union Budget that boost growth while controlling spending will create more space for monetary policy to support growth.

Analysts expect India’s budget to raise fiscal deficit targets by a notch higher. This would enable in releasing money for investment in infrastructure projects, while keeping subsidies and other spending under control. With promises made heavily by the ruling central government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is hard-pressed to walk the talk and deliver stronger growth without any delays.

Visa quarantine at Karachi Lit Fest – Kher complains, Pak denies

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anupam KherNew Delhi : The Best Thing About You Is You, wrote Anupam Kher, and published his bestseller titled so. But, Pakistan differs to agree.

Case in point — After applying for a visa to Pakistan, as Kher eagerly waited for the visit to Karachi Literary Festival, the actor faced a rude rejection of the same from Pakistan. Pakistan has denied Anupam Kher visa to attend Karachi lit fest. He was an invitee to the festival and was supposed to grace the occasion as a guest. However, BJP sympathizer Anupam Kher, who has been invited by the organizers of a literary festival in Karachi as one of their guests, informed that his visa has been denied.

Out of the 18 delegates who were supposed to be visiting, and had applied for the visa — all but one have been given visas. The singled out actor, Kher, stated — I am very sad and disappointed that out of 18 participants, 17 were given visa and I was denied.

Organisers are responsible for getting the visa done for the guests, and, as the organisers informed him that his particular case of visa request got denied, Kher reacted sharply for the quarantine treatment that his particular case has received. Kher, who is an active BJP sympathizer, also happens to be the spouse of Kiron Kher, a BJP MP (Member of Parliament) from Chandigarh.

As the row brewed over visa rejection, reacting to reports, the Pakistan High Commission, however, has claimed Kher never submitted any application for the visa. Tuesday has brought in a dejection for the A Wednasday actor, who sounded enthusiastic of the invite and was eagerly looking forward to the festival.

Kher is scheduled to attend a session at the Karachi literary festival on February 5. He clarified to media that his application has been processed and duly rejected. The versatile actor Kher, stands out in the entire artist fraternity for his exemplary creativity and is remembered for his ever-appealing character roles that he has given to the glory of Cinema and theatre alltogether, plus the work that he continues to do on screen till date. An active voice at social sites, Kher is often found criticised for his strong opinion of sorts. The actor enjoys a great fan-following, and has always found eager audience from the entire Indian diaspora, all around the globe, who have been eager to lend him an ear and an eye for his creativity in work and thoughts.

Students demanding justice for Rohith brutally beaten by Delhi Police

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Justice for RohitPeople across India are outraged by the brutal use of force by Delhi Police to crush and silence students demanding Justice for Rohith in the national capital

A three-day old video released by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that is now viral on the social media shows policemen brutally hitting students, including ladies, with lathis (batons). Many protesters also received blows with fists. The students were protesting outside the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters here against the death of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula.

The brutal and unabashed attack on unarmed students protesting in New Delhi by the Delhi police is a reminder that totalitarism and totalitarist attitudes are still very much alive….. in the world’s biggest democracy……Yes, the cops knew that they were being filmed and did not for even a minute show any kind of restraint in beating up several students…..When the law is broken by any citizen, the reaction of the police in a normal democracy would be proportionate to the violation……but not in this instant case. All the guys involved in the collective bashing have no place in the police force…. and it would be to the honour of the police if it got rid of such bad elements that dishonour the uniform. A Parliamentary panel should hold an enquiry into this specific incident and all those involved should be suspended pending the results. We cannot accept these methods of keeping the peace.