Whoever maybe involved in the Malda incident should be arrested – Rajnath Singh

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Home minister Rajnath SinghAshoknagar, West Bengal : Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed strong objection to the way the Malda case has been handled by the state government, and made specific eyebrow-raising queries upon West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee’s law and order administration. Rajnath Singh spoke candidly over the Malda incident on Thursday and attacked Mamata government while raising questions on Malda violence. He took the TMC government to answerability on account of law and order in West Bengal, and claimed that women, people and even policemen were not safe in the state. HomeMin specifically demanded a TMC-version on the recent violence in Malda. He was speaking at a BJP rally held in poll-bound West Bengal.

Making a tangent reference to the recently held global business summit earlier this month, Rajnath Singh said that holding such programs would not be able to bring in investments in the state unless the government improved law and order and ensured good governance. Despite TMC’s slogan of ‘Ma-Mati-Manush’, the HomeMin said thus in exact words — (mother, earth and people) and even police are not secure in West Bengal. The TMC government has not been able to bring in any change in Bengal. The incident in Malda is not a small incident. I want to tell the TMC government that the Malda case should be solved. Whoever may be involved in the incident should be arrested. Only few arrests can’t solve the case. Let me assure you, whoever is behind the Malda incident will not be spared. They will be arrested and booked.

On the claims made by Ms. Bannerjee of BSF-locals clash being the major cause of Malda violence, the HM retorted — It is being said that the (Malda) violence was a result of tussle between BSF and locals. But it is not true. Are they (state government) trying to safeguard those forces which attacked the BSF official ? Will those who attacked BSF roam free? This is the same BSF which had given befitting reply to Pakistani forces in the Indo-Pak border.

TMC, which is facing severe anti-incumbency in the state on series of incidents from rape to infiltration to terror-network and the recent Malda episode, immediately responded via their national spokesperson Derek O’ Brien, who retorted — Mr Rajnath Singh, Malda is your creation. As the Home Minister of the country you should not be on a mission to stoke communal tension. The country knows this is a well known tactic BJP uses when elections are at hand. And all this coming from a central government which is running the nation using ‘agencies’ to pursue its own cynical agenda. You are using a political meeting to threaten the state. Which Home Minister with a conscience would do that ?

Home Minister urged the citizens of India residing in the state of West Bengal to extend support to the union government during the upcoming assembly polls and added — There will be assembly elections in West Bengal very soon. There will be change in Bengal too. I appeal to you that give us strength in the state assembly. We will do everything to change the situation in the state. The people from Bengal tell us that they want change. But what will they do ? Polling booths are looted. As the home minister of the country I want to assure you that you all will be able to exercise your franchise in a free and fair way……

Rajnath Singh assured that the Election Commission will take cognizance of voting atmosphere building up in WB, and will see to it that the required number of central forces for Bengal will be made available.

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