Shots fired at RSS shaka in Ludhiana, no casualties

Newsroom24x7 Desk

RSS Shakha attacked in LudhianaLudhiana : Two unidentified assailants fired shots at a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Shakha near Kidwai Nagar Park in the city of Ludhiana. Police confirmed about the attacks and informed that the assembly of people — Sangh Swayamsevaks was about to begin, but as people had not gathered when the shots went off, fortunately, no one was hurt in the shootout. The ground which was prepared for the gathering was sparingly occupied. A rather vacant area saved from any casualties to occur in the shoot.

Two motorcycle-borne persons, wearing face masks, zoomed into the open ground and started firing from their gun in the daytime today. The incident took place today when assailants fired shots at the Shakha, ahead of the assembly of many Sangh Sanyamsevaks. Few eyewitnesses informed that sound of two gun shots were heard.

Police confirmed that the unidentified attackers were wearing monkey caps and hence could not be identified. As soon as news of such attack reached to the Police quarters, police rushed to the spot after receiving the information. No one was injured in the firing as gathering of Sangh Sanyamsewaks was yet to start, DCP Narinder Bhargva informed.

Ludhiana had witnessed a militant attack of such nature earlier many years back, when, terrorists attacked RSS Shakha at Dresi ground in Ludhiana in May 1991 in which five volunteers were gunned down and 15 others were badly injured.

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