Police identifies 4 Jakarta attackers

Newsroom24x7 Desk

jakarta attacksJakarta : Indonesian police have worked overtime to nab down the attackers who took the country under militancy in the recent series of attacks this Thursday. A convicted militant has been named as one of the attackers. Additionally, police in Indonesia have identified four out of five of the Jakarta attackers. Two were previously convicted militants.One has been named — the police tagged named him as Afif Sunakim, as identified from images of the attack where he was seen carrying a gun and rucksack during the attacks. This convict was earlier jailed for seven years for attending a militant camp.

The attack on Thursday rendered all the five dead. besides the five militants who died, this act of terror took the lives of two civilians. Three arrests were made today, but clear reports have not been yet revealed as to confirm if they were connected with the attacks.

Security forces fought on a fierce encounter with militants for many long hours in the busy commercial district where the militants had carried out the attacks. Casualties were reported, among which a Canadian and an Indonesian national died, and at least 20 people were injured. The assault finally ended when two attackers died in a suicide bombing. According to police information, the other three were killed in gun battles.

Indonesia is highly sensitive to such attacks, and, following recent IS threats, the country, which had been attacked by Islamist militants several times in the past, had been on high alert. Indonesia has witnessed severe and several militant attacks in the past, but has been relatively successful in clamping down home-grown Islamist extremism after a spate of attacks in the last decade.

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