UNHCR reveals, over one million migrants reached Europe by sea

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migrant crisisNew Delhi : The number of migrants moving across borders has reached to a total head count of over one million, which includes both refugees and migrants in totality. The data provided by he United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) revealed that more than one million refugees and migrants have reached Europe by sea since the start of 2015.

The breakup of the consolidated data reveals that more than 80% of the 1,000,573 people concentrated in the regions of Greece, and, a majority of them landing on Lesbos island. The migratory refugees who moved in from Turkey to Greece pointed that about 844,000 travelled to Greece from nearby Turkey. Additionally, the others – over 150,000 – crossed the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.

The migrant crisis of recent calendar years is supposed to be Europe’s worst such migratory swarm of people – men, women and children – since World War Two. The number of sea arrivals, people crossing water bodies to penetrate into safe haven, has increased vastly since 2014, when it was recorded at slightly more than 216,000. The UNHCR stated on its website — Increasing numbers of refugees and migrants take their chances aboard un-seaworthy boats and dinghies in a desperate bid to reach Europe. The vast majority of those attempting this dangerous crossing are in need of international protection, fleeing war, violence and persecution in their country of origin.

The report added that about 49% of those crossing the Mediterranean Sea originated from Syria, and around 21% come from Afghanistan. The number of those dead or missing at sea now totals to 3,735.

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