Report on the much abused tigers of Tiger Temple

Newsroom24x7 Staff

FB_IMG_1451285939757Melbourne/Bangkok/New Delhi: After nine years of investigations, Cee4Life has delivered the
“Tiger Temple Report” to the Forestry Department, Department of National Parks, Wildlife Crime Unit, and other authorities in Thailand in December 2015.

Public Release of the Tiger Temple report has been delayed until January 2016 due to “timing” issues.

This report is dedicated to every single Tiger and other animal that was illegally procured via the illegal international wildlife trade, breaching multiple Thai wildlife laws and the CITES agreement, and for the Tigers that have died in the black of night due to those reasons. It is dedicated to those Tigers and other animals that were abused for such a prolonged amount of time, some died, some didnt. The abuse was consistently denied and some classed it as “old news”…. Sybelle Foxcroft, the founder and moving spirit behind Cee4Life says she dares anyone to walk in those animals paws and see if they think.

De-sensitization of the public caused decline in interest of this case at times, but never for Cee4Life.

Cee4Life has thank all the brave souls that stepped forward to help provide evidence that has been included in this report.

For every negative and obstacle that has been thrown at, Cee4life talks of the unstoppable fire that was lit so many years ago in a dark forest watching and listening to screaming tigers doomed to their deaths.




  1. Please show your report to the Animals organisation like Animals Asia, PETA, WWF. This cruelty in the “Temple ” must be stopped. Thank you for your great work


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