Nihalani takes the ‘Sanskari’ tag in his stride

Newsroom24x7 Desk

Pahlaj NihlaniMumbai : The CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) Chairman Pahlaj Nihlani sportingly took the Sanskari-Censor-Chief tag in his stride, and went a step ahead by taking to the registration procedure of reserving the gag felicitation officially. Nihlani got the title ‘Sanskari’ registered under the Name of Film category and expressed his intent of scheduling a film to be made in near future. Nihalani is yet to start working on the project which would be produced under his banner Chirag Deep International.

The Chairman told media in a candid talk, saying — ‘I have just registered the title. I haven’t thought about who will direct it, or when will the film go on floors but when the time comes I will make an announcement and would love to make the film. It will be produced under my banner Chirag Deep International.’ When quizzed on the particular name selection, as to why he chose the title ‘Sanskari’, Nihalani said it was the need of the hour as off late people had been making fun of traditional values. He said — I chose that title because it is our tradition, it is our hero. It is important for our characters (in the film) to be sanskari. Today people are roaming everywhere and have forgotten their values. Our life, from birth to death, revolves around sanskars (values) and traditions. It is the need of the hour. People have made a joke about our traditions and that is sad.

Nihalani, the CBFC Chairman, has two other films under his banner, scheduled to go on the floor anytime soon, either in January of February, as told by him.


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