Dubai Fashion Week: Burka adapts to the changing times

Shaily Kalra

Dubai Fashion WeekDubai: The moment we think or talk about the burka what immediately comes to mind is the image of deep dark black colour outer attire – the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It is a one-piece veil that covers the face and bodycloth. A traditional dress that Isamic ladies wear in public.

Burka is popularly known as burkha, bourkha, burku,chadri or paranja. It is famously known as abayas in the Gulf countries.

The growth and demand of the exclusive burka is increasing rapidly.Expectations of the ladies of the new generation is forcing the designers of today to innovate new ideas with exclusive designs and the burka has given a platform to the new designers to give out the best outfit.

The credit goes to the designers of today who are working hard to bring out something new. But keeping in mind the tradition and respecting the culture, they have not done many changes but have transformed the traditional burka with a new outlook.

The Islamic ladies in Dubai too wear burkas. The burkas are so stylish that they have completely transformed the old burka. Dubai has experienced a tremendous change in the design and colours of the traditional veil. Many fashion houses in Dubai have opened within five to six years outlets that deal only with burkas or abayas.

Gone are the days when the burkas were simple and only in black. As the new generation is keeping pace with the changing times so is the making of burkas too is adapting to this phenomenon.

The new burkas have a lot of variations in terms of design and the work on them either incorporates the fine and subtle lace or vivid patterns are created by mixing different fabrics with matching or colors on the sleeves, shoulder or on the border or else there is exquisite embroidery that makes the Burka look very distinct.

The designers from Pakistan and India are doing exclusive work on burkas by turning them from just a traditional and simple attire to a fashion statement.

Famous designers recently laucnhed their latest burka collection at Dubai Fashion Week. These burkas made of fabrics like chiffon,silk and in many different colours were an instant hit.

There are many fashion houses in Dubai that deal with trendy burkas The most popular are the ones made of velvet. They are getting popular throughout the world.They come in different colours like blue, pink, dark red or a combination of beautiful colours. The need to bring out the changes in the design of burkas is also molded by the changing
environment and also because the modern women are seeking something new. This has inspired the designers of today to provide the best outfit for the women of the new generation.

The trend is catching up and the elegant and eye catching burkas will soon become a craze among the upwardly mobile modern women. There is a huge potential for this turning into a real designers’ outfit.

Dubai is doing remarkably a good job by encouraging and understanding the needs of the changing fashion and the need for the traditional burka to adapt to this trend.

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