Google’s Sundar Pichai gets candid with Delhi students

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sundar pichaiNew Delhi : Sundar Pichai interacted with the youth of India, represented by students in Delhi, and shared his version of experience in the world of Google. Students actively participated in the talks and posed their set of questions to Pichai. Pichai, taking cue from the enthusiasm, added his own zeal into the lively environment and quenched the knowledge-hunt generated by the participants.

Pichai was stormed with interesting Q’s like — why India didn’t get Google Cardboard — to which he announced an immediate giveaway — saying, he would give away Google Cardboard – virtual reality headsets – for everyone in the room. Audience wanted him to share his journey in Google over the past three decades, and Pichai said, reminiscing about the development oriented tasks that he had chartered at google, made him still want to be working for humanity and work on products that everyone can use.

The rapid-fire round of interactions added fuel to the vibrant environment. Pichai recalled his memory-bank with phone numbers and shared how he used to be a phone directory for relatives. Being a person who could effortlessly remember phone numbers, Pichai admitted — That phone numbers were only six digits back then, and there was no Google, helped. Asked about his very own initial smart phone, the audience asked him when he bought his first phone, to which he replied — It was a Motorola in 95-96. Bought my first smartphone in 2006. I have 20 to 30 smartphones in my house today.

Pichai expressed his impressions of women participation in the online community, around the globe in general, and India in particular and stated — There is a need for Women To come Online. Lack of women in the workforce is a global problem, which is particularly pronounced in India. Most women in rural areas don’t think the internet applies to them. The most important thing we can do is to bring them online.

The mention of start-up culture did bring a spark of glitter back into Pichai’s eyes, when he said – All elements for Start-Up culture are already in India. It’s only when I came here last year I felt that start-up culture has taken hold here, it’s incredible to see. You do need entrepreneurs to build things for India and globally. All the elements which you need are already here. Pichai linked creativity to adaptability in future times, and, with particular reference of advancing times in the Indian networking community scenario, said — Creativity is an important attribute. Education system should encourage creativity. India has a strong educational system. To move forward,creativity is an important attribute. (Education sysytem should) Teach students to take risks. System shouldn’t penalize students for taking risks.

Google’s Android operating system, as evident, has been using names adapted from dessert items like Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Lollipop. This nomenclature did ring fancy in the minds of the audience. As students began to whisper amongst themselves, one of them posed a delicious question to Pichai, which was — (Does Google plan to give) An Indian Dessert Name For Next Android Version ? A smiling Pichai answered – Next time, when we are working on a release, I will conduct an online poll. and we might get an Indian name. I think we can make it happen. Loud cheers followed his words.

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