US downgrades Thailand aviation on safety concerns

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ThailandWashington, DC : Travelers who have scheduled visit to Thailand from the American soil are about to be left high and dry as Thailand airlines faced a restriction axe from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Fliers heading to Thailand may have fresh cause for concern after the country’s airlines were hit with restrictions by U.S. aviation authorities. The Federal Aviation Administration announced that it was downgrading Thailand’s aviation safety rating to Category 2 because the country did not comply with international standards. Which means to say, Thai airlines would be banned from opening new routes to the United States or expanding existing ones.

Although presently there are no direct flights from Thailand to US, yet, with respect to the global recognition that FAA enjoys, it is anticipated that FAA’s downgrades are often matched by other global aviation authorities, raising the prospect of restrictions on routes to Europe or East Asia. bourses immediately took the news on the stock chin and began discounting the negative news, which was resulted in shares of several Thai airlines falling to new levels southwards on Tuesday following the news.

Losing its Category 1 tag received in 1997 for means, Thailand’s civil aviation authority would be marked as ‘failed to meet minimum international standards. Now, this, when converted to revenues for aviation companies, would mean a spiraling downward loss in the global aviation scenario. The prestigious Category 1 meant that the country complied with International Civil Aviation Organization standards.

Thailand has been coming under the downgrade chopping board, as ICAO, a United Nations agency, red flagged Thailand in June over safety concerns, listing it alongside Angola, Botswana, Djibouti, Eritrea, Georgia, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malawi, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Uruguay. The ICAO’s concerns have previously led to restrictions on new airline routes linking Thailand with China, South Korea and Japan.

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, reacted to FAA’s decision and ordered a swift overhaul of his country’s aviation systems. The country’s leading international carrier, Thai Airways, issued a statement defending its safety record. It said the decision would have no impact on its business or customers as it ceased its only US destination flight, to Los Angeles, in October, although it continues to operate code share connections. The statement added – Thai confirms its commitment to aviation safety standards and assures all that Thai operates with the highest international aviation safety standards.

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