Indian forces can’t defend against terrorists says Farooq Abdullah

Newsroom24x7 Desk

border india pakNew Delhi : National Conference President Farooq Abdullah revisited  his experiments with freedom of expression a day earlier, and took it a step forward today when he said that the Indian forces, in his opinion, do not have the defence capability in them to shield an armor against terrorists and militants on the prowl. A day earlier, on Friday, Abdullah had stated that PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) was with Pakistan and that war was not an option. Today, he made an effort to add clarification to his yesterday’s remarks, but spoke in the direction of same chain of thoughts. In his exact words, this is what the Former J and K CM stated  — PoK will be a part of Pakistan, J&K will be a part of India. It is not something new that I have said. All of India’s forces can’t defend against terrorists and militants.

While political opinions across the board slammed Abdullah’s remarks, the Senior Abdullah found support from his son, Omar, the former J and K CM, who defended him saying that this was the long-standing belief of his father. Further, Abdullah added that the interaction between people across borders should be increased, instead of focusing on territorial disputes. He said, ‘People to people contact is essential. That is how fear is fought.’

India and Pakistan have fought three wars since independence and partition in 1947, two over Kashmir. The disputed frontier is one of the world’s most heavily militarized regions.Border clashes and ceasefire violations at the Line of Control also pose a constant risk of escalation of tension between the two countries.

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