Parliament’s Winter session pot begins to simmer on debate heat

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Parliamentarians of  India by Anoop SwaroopNew Delhi : As day 2 of this session of Parliament begins its work, it is expected to be a carry forward of discussions which began yesterday, The winter session of parliament began to simmer on debate heat from its day 1, as ruling government and opposition began on high pitch and issues floored the debate benches of house with legislators taking their call on current affairs which had been occupying political brains since past few days. Secularism was the most talked about word, as ruling government blamed opposition for misusing the word and creating unrest over the general mindset of thinking. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh set the tone straight for the Opposition saying secularism was now the most ‘misused’ word.”The words ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ were incorporated in the Preamble through the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution. We have no objection. Let bygone be bygone. BR Ambedkar had never thought the necessity to incorporate it in the Preamble as these two words were part of the Constitution. It is inbuilt in the Indian system,” he said in the backdrop of protests from Congress.He added, “Ambedkar had to go through humiliation and barbs. But he controlled his emotions and presented an objective point of view on the Constitution. He never complained how he was being ignored and humiliated in India. He said he would stay in the country, keeping India’s values and culture in mind, to strengthen the nation. He never thought of leaving India for any other country.”

Countering his contention, Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge objected to the Home Minister’s remarks and said Ambedkar was also in favor of putting the word in the Preamble, but could not do so due to the prevailing situation then.Congress President sonia Gandhi retorted, “People who have no faith in the Constitution, who have not contributed to its making, they are talking about it repeatedly, and are trying to appropriate it. There cannot be a bigger joke.”

However, business of legislators got attention when ruling government started to find exit routes by making it up with the opposition in matters such as – the Goods and Services tax (GST) bill, for starters. The GST bill is the most ambitious tax reform in India, post independence. It seeks to bring indirect taxes under one umbrella and the resistance to it is equally political and economic although signs of a thaw indicate that the Bill may well become law in some diluted form, not in its original avatar for sure.

Prime Monister Narendra Modi gave his full day attendance in Lok Sabha for the full day of first day session. Lending a keen ear to all debates, PM Modi finally would be taking a close look on ironing out the creases and has shown an inclination to discuss matters with Congress President sonia Gandhi and make all efforts to bring the opposition on board.

Today evening, the Prime Minister would conclude the day 2 session with his version and is expected to reply to matters like bill reforms, intolerance, secularism and specifically the GST, which is the main focus of ruling NDA government.

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