Govt holds all-party meeting ahead of winter session

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Parliamentarians of  India by Anoop SwaroopNew Delhi : BJP led ruling NDA government today held an all-party meeting ahead of upcoming winter session of Parliament scheduled to begin from tomorrow. With so much ruckus already accumulated over varied issues starting from award-wapsi to beef ban to lynching and a so-called air of intolerance looming over the ruling central government, the Union government has decided to find out means and ways for smooth functioning of Parliament session.

Anticipating a major heat-up inside the house during the cold days of Delhi weather, ruling NDA government has taken extra step towards ensuring co-operation and smooth working of the parliament, with an objective to evolve unanimous consensus over various papers which need to be passed and laid on the Parliament tables. An all-party meeting initiated by government today found participation from across the political board. Leaders of various political parties from both Houses of Parliament participated in the meeting which was convened by Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu in Parliament complex.

Venkaiah Naidu spoke to the media before the all-party meeting and emphasized on the intentions of ruling government towards ensuring uninterrupted proceedings during the best part of sessions this winter. He said, the government wanted to ensure smooth proceedings in Parliament and was keen for passing of vital bills related to economic reforms which included GST Bill and related constitution amendment, Real Estate Regulation Bill and Negotiable Instrument (Amendment) Bill. He also expressed the government’s readiness for holding discussion over every issue including the controversial issue of ‘intolerance”. The Parliament Affairs Minister made it very clear that government was prepared to discuss all matters threadbare provided the matters were taken up within the uninterrupting practices of legislative proceedings.

Communication Minister Ravishankar Prasad hoped that Opposition would also cooperate in smooth discussions in the House. He also reiterated the need for co-operative approach which could work towards passing of important bills during the session, and make the winter session a success.

Later this evening, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan will also preside over a meeting with leaders of various parties for ensuring smooth proceedings in the House. She would be discussing with various party leaders and members of Parliament regarding smooth management of Parliament culture and a basic understanding of code of conduct regarding proceedings in the session. She is also supposed to be highlighting the merits of question hour as well as the need for passing all important bills with co-operation from the opposition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also called meetings of leaders of NDA allies and Parliamentary Party executive committee later in the day to discuss strategy for the session. Yesterday too, senior members of Union cabinet held discussions over strategy on the floor in the House.

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